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Our firm can steer you through the murky waters of maritime and insurance law. Mr. Bernardo Bentata, Esq. and his team possess extensive maritime law knowledge. If your company is involved in a shipping accident, liability claim, spillage, or other situation that may end up in the courts, contact Bentata & Associates.

Mr. Bernardo Bentata, Esq. earned his law degree from Universidad Católica Andrés Bello in Caracas, Venezuela; a Master in Comparative Jurisprudence at New York University, and a Master of Laws in Admiralty Law at Tulane University. Mr. Bernardo Bentata, Esq. has assisted in cases in the US, UK, Netherlands, Panama, and the Netherland Antilles.

Our list of previous clients includes shipowners, P & I clubs, banks, funders, charterers, and underwriters.

Bentata & Associates attorneys have the experience and knowledge needed to handle your maritime legal matters. Our firm stands ready to assist foreign law firms with arbitration and litigation. Our attorneys understand maritime insurance standards, rules, and regulations. We know how to navigate the complex seas of admiralty law.